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9 Important Things You Need to Know About Hosting

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A website’s success and profit producing capacity is highly dependent on a hosting service. Hence, it is important that businesses focus on good hosting. These are the foundation for your site, business and brand. Issues such as server downtime may hurt your site. Your website needs to be in good hands to be able to thrive.

With so many websites competing in the modern day world, it may be tough to choose between web hosting companies. In case, you are in the process of choosing from one of the web hosting companies, here’s what you need to focus on prior to getting carried away by tempting discounts, offers, promotions and other marketing gimmicks:

1. Free Domain

Although the idea sounds very nice, it is important that you stay out of such gimmicks. In case, you wish to try one of these out, make sure you consider certain things prior to agreeing for the contract. First, you need to know who owns the domain. In case, the domain is free, but the hosting company retains the ownership, you will be stuck with the company forever. You may even require paying a hefty sum for buying the domain back.

It is true that you get the first year free. But what about the following years? What would the company charge for renewal? Well, that would come out to be around double of the average cost for the domain name. If you are considering the free domain option, it is better to ask questions during your research process. You should know who will own the domain. Make sure all standard renewal fees are acceptable.

2. A Different Domain and Hosting

It is not necessary that domain names require being registered at the same company. You must focus on finding a trustworthy registrar. Since the domain name is your online identity, proper research and reviews are important to consider before finalising.

3. Bandwidth and Disk Space Terms

Talk to the company about bandwidth and disk space terms. This should not be ignored. Know if the company will charge a hefty amount from you once the website becomes popular.

4. Research About Web Hosting Companies

You can do this via inserting the query given below:

“web_hosting_company sucks”

Now simply observe the kind of results that you get. Well, for the most part, you would be surprised by the number of clients who had complained about web host. The list will provide you with an idea. However, this is nothing guaranteed. These days, many website designing company professionals and agencies have disgruntled clients. Most verdicts are biased and subjective. The statements given on personal blogs may also be highly subjective. These are sometimes influenced by external unreliable sources. Rebuttals may also be deleted by website owners for supplying a different impression.

5. Complaints

Although you should look for complaints, it is important to remember that these are common. Regardless of how good a company is, some people would rave and rant. So you should focus on comparing the number of positive reviews versus complaints. Try choosing a company that has got maximum positive reviews. Also try researching about its quality service online.

6. Use Commission Coupons or Rebates

The online best web hosting service may behave totally strange. There are companies all set and ever ready to pay 12-months revenue for single customers. Hence, it is totally unwise to shop without searching for commission rebates or coupons. Buying with these coupons and rebates will help you save a lot.

7. Your Own Backup

So who should you trust for storing and securing backup of your files? The following question might have crossed your mind many times. Many want to know if they need to trust their hosts to backup the files. This should be avoided. The host would definitely require performing backups on a regular basis. However, it may be considered a bad decision to avoid off-site backups. The best thing is to do your own backup.

8. One Time Credit Card / PayPal

PayPal is the best option for transaction. In case, you can’t help but use a Credit Card, make double sure the company is a reputable one. Also try using a one-time credit card. This will let you avoid ending up an unpleasant situation in the long run.

9. Long-Term Contracts Should Be Avoided

These contracts should be strictly avoided unless you are sure about the reliability of the company. Although you will get attractive offers such as discount for paying one to two years up-front. However, these contracts should be avoided unless the web host holds excellent track record. In case, you know nothing about the track record of these companies, think twice.

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